Who Is Sneako? Age,Height,Real Name,Girlfriend,Ethnicity,Is He Dating Sarah Saffari?

Neko, or as many know him, Sneako – a controversial social media maven who was born and brought up in Florida Texas (In the United States Of Amarica). Formerly a YouTuber, he now is available on platforms like Rumble, creating waves in the digital landscape.

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His journey began on YouTube in 2013, navigating through the gaming universe before making a pivot to commentary videos that struck a chord with audiences. Admired for his unique perspectives and infectious personality, he soared to popularity. However, the narrative takes a twist as controversies, heated disputes, and accusations of emulating Andrew Tate cast a shadow over his online persona.

We shall discuss everything from his early career to his downfall,his ethnicity,girlfriend and more in this blog.

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Sneako: Early Carrer

In the early days of Sneako’s career, he kicked off by diving headfirst into the gaming scene, where he would play Call of Duty Black Ops 2 with running commentry in the background where he would talk about whatever comes to his mind. He then transitioned to commentary videos, In one notable piece, he delved into the sensitive topic of “Why I Still Listen To Artists Who Beat Women.”

Acknowledging the dark past of artists like XXXTentacion, he expressed a complex stance, arguing that despite their wrongdoings, he continued to appreciate their music as a nod to their attempts at redemption.He made it clear that condoning violence against women is unacceptable, but he suggested that listening to the music could be a separate consideration, urging fans not to idolize artists blindly.

During his YouTube era, many admired him for being considerate, open to different views, and genuinely curious. Comments like “Back when Sneako could actually talk to people with different opinions without trying to push an agenda” and “Every time I see Sneako, I remember this podcast; he was a very smart person, sad to see him lost now” reflect the sentiment that, as his popularity surged, controversies became inseparable from his career trajectory.

In another intriguing series titled the “1 Minute Podcast,” Sneako took his ideas to the streets, setting up a desk in public spaces and engaging passersby with thought-provoking questions. From inquiries about body positivity to challenging beauty standards, this endeavor showcased his willingness to explore diverse perspectives.

Sneako: Downfall And Banned Youtube

As the 2020s unfolded, his content took a perplexing turn. What began as harmless gaming commentary morphed into a more controversial territory, with hints of sexism and racism seeping into his narratives. He found himself embroiled in random beef with fellow YouTubers and, in a regrettable moment, made divisive comments about a particular race, attempting humor that backfired.

Fast forward to 2022, and he found himself riding the content wave pioneered by Andrew Tate. Reacting to TikTok videos and offering his unfiltered comments became his new forte. However, this wave hit a roadblock when YouTube, citing repeated violations, banned him in October 2022. Unfazed, Sneako set sail for Rumble, sparking speculations about his tactics to bait fights with fellow YouTubers to boost his Rumble presence.

Sneako: Real Name And Ethnicity

His real name is Nico Kenn De Ballinthazy. His diverse heritage is a blend of Haitian and Filipino roots. Born on September 8, 1998, in the United States, he embodies a rich cultural background. His father hails from Haiti, with most of his extended family residing there. On the other hand, his mother comes from the Philippines. Interestingly, Sneako’s father spent his formative years in France before making a life in the United States.

Sneako:Age And Height

At 25 years old, he stands tall with a height of 6 feet 2 inches.

Does Sneako Have A Girlfriend,Is He Dating Sarah Saffari?

In November 2021, he opened up about his relationship status on the Peer To Peer podcast, revealing he was in an open relationship. The identity of his partner remained a mystery, although two women, Lily Fofana and Maria Morales, were rumored to be linked to him. The specific details of his relationship with either of them were unclear.

Come April 2023, a new chapter unfolded as he was reportedly associated with Xena, known by her alias Xenathewitcher on Twitter. She’s not just a social media personality but also a live-streamer on the Kick platform, where she stirred the pot by leaking his DMs that revealed his recreational drug use.

He is presently believed to be dating Maya, also known as @mayasimiii on TikTok. The two frequently engage in streaming activities together.

Additionally, rumors swirled around his connection with fitness influencer and vlogger Sarah Saffari, evident from his appearances in her YouTube live streams. However, a curious fan once boldly questioned him about his relationship with Sarah in front of Maya during one of his streams. In a surprising turn of events, Sneako pointed towards Maya, prompting a quick apology from the fan. The intricate web of his dating life keeps fans guessing, with each revelation adding a new layer to the story.

Later on Saffari addressed the speculations during a guest appearance on fitness influencer Bradley Martin’s podcast. Bradley, diving straight into the topic, brought up the notion that people recognize Sarah as Sneako’s girlfriend. However, Sarah swiftly clarified, asserting, “That is not how people know me, and that is not how people are going to know me.” Taking a firm stand, she went on to emphasize that the alleged relationship with Sneako was untrue.


When we consider many sources of income, his net worth could be as high as $1.16 million. On the Ahmad Mahmood show Sneako recently revelead his networth to be over a million dollars when asked about his Net worth he said “Mine is over a mill but the creativity kit is valuated pretty high right now from diffrent investors and stuff, like that its hard to say beacause technichally I’m the top share holder”

Has Sneako Modeled In Vougue?

Sneako has posed for Nike and Burberry, and he also released a video complaining about how he didn’t like how he appeared in the pictures. In a podcast, when asked to assess himself, Sneako gives himself an eight out of ten and says it is appropriate for him to grade himself higher because he has been a professional model and has modeled for Vouge as well. He has also done modeling work for Vouge.

Has Sneako Converted To Islam?

Few months ago Sneako converted to Islam, he was a former christian but has converted to Islam, after taking a small break from social media he came back and talked on rumble about his conversion and why he actually made the decision,he talked about why he resonates with islam so much.

He said i dont like the idea that you worship a man ,i believe that jesus christ was a phrophet i believe that jesus christ was real, but i dont think that you should have him blodding on a cross, and like you pray its weird, it dosen’t make sense to me to pray to a man, i dont want to submit to a man, the only person that we should submit to and we should pray to be the one creator of the world which is Allah, he created the universe and we love him for it perfect that makes the most sense to me”,where people critized him a lot for his thoughts.

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