Best Romance Anime On Netflix Worth Watching

Romance anime has been a favorite among viewers for many years. Its captivating storylines, stunning visuals, and memorable characters have captured the hearts of millions worldwide. From “Love Is War” to “A Silent Voice,” these Anime inspire awe in the viewer. And with Netflix constantly adding new anime series to its library, it can be hard to know which ones are worth your time.

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Top 7 Romance Anime On Netflix

Whether you’re in the mood for a heartwarming tale of young love or a tragic romance that will leave you in tears, these anime series are sure to satisfy your craving for all things romantic. Here is a list of the best Romance Anime On Netflix Worth Watching. So grab some tissues, and some snacks, and settle in for a binge-watch session with these unforgettable Romance anime series.

1. A Silent Voice

“A Silent Voice” is a Japanese manga and anime series that tells the story of a young boy named Shoya Ishida, who bullied a deaf girl named Shoko Nishimiya in elementary school. Years later, Shoya sets out to make amends for his past actions and seek forgiveness from Shoko.

The series has been praised for its sensitive and nuanced portrayal of disability and the challenges faced by those with hearing impairments, as well as its exploration of the long-term effects of bullying and the importance of forgiveness and empathy. The movie of A Silent Voice is present on Netflix, it is a must watch!

The series has also been noted for its beautiful animation and its ability to convey powerful emotions through its visual storytelling.

2. Ouran Highschool Host Club

If you are a fan of rom-coms then you should definitely have a look at this Anime.”Ouran High School Host Club” is a popular anime and manga series that follows the story of a group of high school boys who run a host club, where they entertain female clients by acting as their “hosts” for the day. The story primarily revolves around a female student named Haruhi Fujioka, who is forced to join the club after accidentally breaking an expensive vase.

The series is known for its comedic tone, charming characters, and romantic subplots. It has gained a strong following among fans of anime and manga, particularly those who enjoy rom-coms and stories with elements of social satire. However only 1 season of Ouaran Highschool Host Club is available on Netflix or any other platform with a total of 24 episodes.

3. Love Is War

Love is War is one of the most popular rom com anime. It comes on the top of almost everyone’s anime list. It is a popular romance anime and manga series that follows the story of two high school students, Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane, who are members of the student council and secretly in love with each other. However, they are too proud to confess their feelings and instead engage in a battle of wits and mind games to try to make the other confess first.

The series has been praised for its popular Anime characters and the ability to balance comedic and dramatic elements, as well as its exploration of themes such as pride, vulnerability, and the complexities of relationships. With just one season and 12 episodes overall “Love is War”  has captured the hearts of many fans around the world with its unique blend of humor, romance, and strategic mind games.

4. From Me To You

The series follows the story of a high school girl named Sawako Kuronuma, who is often misunderstood by her peers due to her resemblance to the horror movie character Sadako.

Despite her kind nature, Sawako struggles to make friends and connect with others until she befriends the popular boy in her class, Shota Kazehaya. The series follows their developing relationship and the challenges they face as they navigate high school life.

“Kimi ni Todoke” is popular among fans of anime and manga for its heartfelt storytelling, relatable characters, and romantic plotline. The series is known for its emotional depth, exploring themes such as friendship, love, and self-acceptance. There are currently only 2 seasons of this anime available on Netflix, with the first season having 25 episodes and the second having 13 episodes in total.

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5. A whiskers away

“A Whisker Away” is a heartwarming and thought-provoking romance anime movie that has captured the hearts of many viewers around the world. is a popular anime movie that tells the story of a high school student named Miyo Sasaki, who is secretly in love with her classmate Kento Hinode. One day, Miyo comes across a magical mask that allows her to transform into a cat and she uses this ability to get closer to Kento.

The movie deals with themes such as identity, self-discovery, and the importance of communication in relationships. As of now The movie of this anime of 1 hr45 min is present on Netflix.

6. Flavors of Youth

“Flavors of Youth” is a poignant and visually stunning romance anime film present on Netflix that has earned a devoted fanbase. Its exploration of universal themes and its ability to convey complex emotions through its beautiful animation and storytelling have made it a beloved work in the anime genre.

It is an anime anthology film that consists of three short stories that explore the theme of youth and its relationship with food, memories, and love.

7. Scum’s Wish

While some viewers may find the themes and content of “Scum’s Wish” uncomfortable or controversial, the series is widely regarded as a bold and thought-provoking work that pushes the boundaries of what is typically seen in romance anime.

“Scum’s Wish” is a popular anime series with only one season having 12  episodes on Netflix tells the story of high school students Hanabi Yasuraoka and Mugi Awaya, who both harbor unrequited love for their respective teachers. As a way to cope with their unfulfilled desires, Hanabi and Mugi enter into a secret relationship with each other, despite not having romantic feelings for one another. 

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