Jana Kramer and fiancé Allan Russell Are Expecting A Baby

Exciting news has been making headlines as beloved actress and country music singer, Jana Kramer, is expecting a baby with her fiancé, Allan Russell. Allan, a former professional soccer player turned coach for the English Football League’s Norwich City Football Club. At 39 years old, Jana, who already has two children from her previous marriage, is thrilled to embark on this new chapter of motherhood. Let’s dive into the heartwarming details of their story.

On May 25, 2023, Jana Kramer took to social media to share the joyous news of her engagement to Allan Russell. The couple’s heartfelt announcement delighted fans and followers as they expressed their well wishes for the soon-to-be-married pair. Their engagement signifies a beautiful union built on love, respect, and shared dreams for the future.

Jana Kramer Pregnancy Announcement

Jana Kramer shared the engagement news 2 weeks ago on her Instagram post @kramergirl also drops the news in an Instagram post saying “We’ve been keeping another secret from you guys (I promise this is the last Announcement…at least for a little while ) but I’m pregnant!!!! Beyond blessed and grateful for this baby to be a part of our story. 

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In a recent interview with People magazine, Jana Kramer, renowned actress and country music singer, opened up about her disbelief and joy upon learning about her pregnancy with fiancé Allan Russell. At 39 years old, Jana, who already has two children, 7-year-old Jolie and 4-year-old Jace, expressed her genuine surprise and gratitude for this new blessing. Moreover, on her Whine Down Podcast, Jana excitedly shared the details of their unforgettable engagement, highlighting a magical moment that brought tears and laughter to both of them.

Jana Kramer’s engagement to Allan Russell holds a special place in their hearts. During an episode of her Whine Down Podcast, Jana shared the intimate details of how Allan proposed. One evening, he took Jana and their children for a night walk to their new house. As they reached the middle of the walk, Allan called out Jana’s name, got down on one knee, and asked her to marry him. Jolie, their eldest daughter, couldn’t contain her excitement and began jumping up and down. Overwhelmed with emotions, Jana admitted that she momentarily “blacked out,” and they both found themselves in tears of joy.

“I didn’t think it would ever happen again, if I’m being honest. I’ve been through a lot, so this has just been a really beautiful thing,” says Kramer in a interview with People magazine.

She says. “I was like, well, I’m going to be 40 in December, so I was like, we have one month to try. Literally one month.”

Then, during a trip to L.A. in March to attend the iHeartRadio Music Awards together, “I had this metallic taste in my mouth,” recalls Kramer. “That’s what I felt with both my other kids’ [pregnancies]. So I went to the store and got my Clearblue test. It said pregnant, and we just started crying.”

Jana Kramer’s pregnancy news and heartwarming engagement to Allan Russell have brought so much inspiration and joy to everyone who follows her journey. In her interview and podcast, Jana openly shares her true emotions, expressing just how grateful she is for this unexpected blessing of another child and the incredibly sweet proposal that solidified their love. As Jana, Allan, Jolie, and Jace embark on this exciting new chapter together, we send them our warmest congratulations and wish them a future overflowing with love, happiness, and unforgettable moments as they build beautiful memories as a family.


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