Extraction 2: The Netflix favorite Action Movie is back with a sequel

Extraction is one of the best and most watched action movies on Netflix and with its massive success, it was certain that the movie was soon getting a sequel. The movie Extraction 2 was released on 16th June 2023 on Netflix Worldwide. Fans have been itching to see Chris Hemsworth play Tyler Rake once again.

The movie captivates audiences with its adrenaline-fueled action sequences, leaving them on the edge of their seats. The movie is a must-watch just sit back, relax, and enjoy the insane action in this film. There is one particular scene that is an example of excellent camerawork and acting. There is a 21-minute sequence without any visible cuts which is very impressive.

The writer of Extraction Joe Russo 2 has confirmed that the movie will be totally different from the first one. From the color scheme to the location, all will differ from the first movie.

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Extraction 2: Plot And Reviews

Extraction 2
Extraction 2 is finally on Netflix (image via IMDb)

At the end of the first movie, Tyler succumbs to his injuries and falls into the river after Ovi crosses the bridge to safety. It looked like Tyler was dead but that was not the case and after enduring months of physical therapy and frequently expressing his frustration with life, Rake’s allies surprise him with a serene mountain cabin, promising him a peaceful retirement.

However, Rake’s restlessness quickly takes hold, and just when he needs it most, a new job comes knocking. His ex-wife urgently requires his help to rescue her sister and her two children from a Georgia prison. But as Rake embarks on the mission, he soon realizes that the husband and his criminal family are prepared to put up a fierce fight to keep them captive.

But from the look of things, Extraction 2 is getting criticized for its action scenes which were not up to the mark and viewers call Extraction 2 a slightly above-average action movie. It was just released today and we can’t say for certain that the movie holds no action. For our critics too it goes from an action masterpiece to another generic action-thriller by Netflix

The movie will not be shown in cinemas and will only be Netflix Exclusive so grab your popcorn and enjoy the blue eyes start Chrish Hemsworth in the latest action adventure Extraction 2.

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