Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King: Where To Watch, Plot, And Reviews

The much-awaited Black Clover Movie Black Clover: Sword of The Wizard King is finally here. The Movie debuted on June 16, 2023, at 12 Am PDT. After the conclusion of its fourth season in 2021, “Black Clover” fans were ecstatically brought back to the Clover Kingdom with the release of the highly anticipated new movie today.

Black Clover is a very special anime that follows the journey of Asta, a night with no magic in a world where magic is everything. is set in a world where magic is everything. He dreams of becoming the Wizard King—the highest-ranking mage in the Clover Kingdom. The fanbase was so hyped for the movie that Netflix released a short video showing the first 4 minutes of the movie one day before its launch.

Most anime fans worldwide have already watched the movie and have titled the movie as one of the best ever made. If you haven’t watched it yet the Movie Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King is available on Netflix worldwideMany Black Clover fans are disappointed because the movie is not being shown in theaters worldwide. The movie is exclusively available in theaters for Japanese fans, while the rest of the fans will have to watch it on Netflix.

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Plot and Reviews of Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King

Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King
Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King

The movie introduces former Wizard King Conrad Leto who was sealed by Julius Novachrono. Conrad Leto makes his return with 3 other former Wizard Kings who he reincarnated with the help of the Imperial Sword. The Imperial Sword is the main attraction of the movie. The sward was created by the first Wizard King and had the ability to store others’ magical powers and release them at the user’s will. The 4 former wizard kings together plan to destroy the Clover Kingdom but that would not be easy before the new Magic Knights.

Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King marks the return of the anime after 2 years and fans cannot contain their excitement and are eagerly waiting to see the Black Bull Squad in action once again. The movie currently has 8.7 IMDb ratings and will surely make its way to the top 10 on Netflix.

The storyline does not hinder the anime timeline and fits perfectly with the 4th season. The movie has a run time of 1 hour and 50 minutes which is packed with Action and fighting scenes, our personal favorite was the Princia Funny Bunny vs Mereoleona duel. The movie is a must-see as you get to see squad captions and wizard kings in action.

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